Mary Hampton's Testimonial



Mary Hampton

"We would like to introduce our lovely dog to you. Her name is Esme and we adopted her in February 2021 when she was 5 months old. Here she is setting off on her journey to Switzerland from Dog Rose in Romania, (at that time she was called Sprinkles) Esme is our first dog so it has been a wonderful learning experience for us all. I describe her as a “work in progress”! and she probably thinks of us in the same terms although I suspect she has made more progress with us than we with her! The adoption process with Caroline and Anja was very thorough and well paced so we could consider all the aspects that dog ownership might involve. They were both on hand in the first few months to support and advise us. There were many times in those first few weeks that we needed that! She soon learnt to sit, and although toilet training took a little time, she was eager to learn new things. We take her to dog training and she loves running around with her friends, I often think she has some whippet in her, she runs so fast! It is hard to imagine life without her now. "