Founder & President

After 15 years as financial advisor to international high net worth individuals for Switzerland’s biggest banks and Liechtenstein’s most prestigious trust, Noëlle has decided to follow her own big dream: to help stray dogs and humans alike by teaching them about the dog-human relationship. With her unconditional love and addictive passion she has inspired thousands to follow her lead and continues to do so every day.

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Tobias Fueter
Co-Founder & Media

son of Oscar-winning producer Peter-Christian Fueter & acclaimed choreographer Claudia Corti and born into a filmmaker’s dynasty (Swiss legendary actress Anne-Marie Blanc was his grandmother), film director Tobias Fueter owns stories AG, Switzerland’s biggest and most successful commercial film company. Inspired by his wife Noëlle’s free spirit, he strives to use his professional expertise to make ‘The Dog Rose’ not only a philanthropic, but also a commercial success.

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Co-Founder & CFO

with a legal degree she was a compliance and ethics officer for the biggest temporary staffing company and later for the biggest bank in Switzerland, when she decided that honorary work is her passion. She was also the president and board member of a women shelter and victim consulting organization in Switzerland.

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Board-Member & Adoptions

She is a jewellery designer and a big dog lover.
Caroline and her family just adopted Daisy and Roxy from the Dog Rose shelter.
12 years ago she started her own charity project called Pryia, a children school in North India. The project is a success due to Caroline’s know how in structuring a charity and raising the required funds.
Charity work is Caroline’s big passion and she brings a lot of experience and support to our Dog Rose project.
She is supporting Dog Rose on every possible level.

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She is the daughter of Caroline and a huge dog lover. She is 12 years old and she supports Dog Rose in every way she can. They have 3 dogs, 2 of them they adopted from Dog Rose. She also supports her mother with adoptions. Her official job is giving a name to all the new dogs and animals that arrive to our animal shelter

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She has been a lifelong environmentalist and a dog lover. Isabelle is an environmental lawyer and has spent two decades in New York City. Growing up with dogs she always wanted her daughters to grow up with dogs as well. So the family adopted Taffy from a New York City shelter in 2012 and Minnie from The Dog Rose shelter in 2021. Isabelle is supporting The Dog Rose with fundraising and building up the charity arm in the United States.


Alice stahie
Shelter Manager, Finances & Veterinarian​

Alice is part of our wonderful Dog Rose Family since the very beginning. She has taken care of all our dogs as our designated veterinary, so she knows them all by heart and all their stories. Since 2015 she is our local shelter manager and takes care of everything at the shelter:

The shelter during the time of COVID-19, finding us the PERFECT land for our Animal-Shelter-Parc, build the amazing Dog Park ‘The Dog Rose’ as it stands today, coordinating children visits, socialising dogs and taking care of all adoptions in Europe and Switzerland. Alice is the SOUL OF THE DOG ROSE together with her amazing team: her father Eugen, her uncle Viorel, Doru and Lilly.

Alice is so passionate about the wellbeing of animals that she always goes THE EXTRA MILE FOR THEM. It is amazing how much the animals love her. She had, has and will have a great impact on so many animals and souls that cross her path. She is a huge part of the positive change in Romania to be kind to animals and treat them with the respect they deserve of humanity.

Eugen Stahie
Legal Advisor, Handyman & Dog Whisperer

Our Eugen and Alice’s amazing father joined our wonderful Dog Rose Family in spring 2017. As a retired lawyer he has found his calling to be with all our animals all day. He is fantastic with our dogs. He knows them all and they simply adore him. He has a magic touch, which shows when he puts the 40 to 50 doggies back in their different compartments for the night.  Eugen’s love and care supports our dogs to trust humans again. His socialising skills are exceptional and crucial in the process to get our doggies ready for adoption.

Eugen and his brother Viorel are also our handymen dream team. They fix everything around the shelter and maintain it all. Eugen has also an immense knowledge about gardening and the healing power of plants, with which he constantly transforms and nourishes The Dog Rose into a wonderful healing Dog Park.


Lili Dobrinoiu
Animal Carertaker

Lili joined our team together with her husband in late autumn of 2018 just after our move in 2018. Lili is living with her husband in the village in which our shelter is based. They are amazing animallovers that take wonderful daily care of our animals. Lili is cleaning the living spaces and feeding the animals every day no matter the weather. She is gentle and caring with the animals and supports Alice with taking pictures and videos for the profiles, so they can be promoted to find their forever homes. She dedicates lots of time to the puppies to socialise and clean their compartment several times a day.

Doru Dobrinoiu
Animal Carertaker

Doru has joined our team when we moved to The Dog Rose in 2018. He and his wife Lili live in the village of our shelter. They are wonderful and dedicated animallovers that take amazing care of our animals. He works daily at the shelter cleans the animals living spaces, feeds them twice a day and the puppies three times a day. He interacts with the animals while doing his work. He helps preparing the dogs for their transports and sometimes stays even late at night to hand them over to the transporter.

Viorel Stahie
Handyman & Animal Carer

Viorel is Alice uncle and the brother of Eugen. He is the man to go to if something needs repairing at the shelter. He has worked on different construction sites in Romania and in Europe. He is also an exceptional cook and spoils the team or visitors with lovely food. Thank to his wonderful work the shelter is maintained at a high level and he thrives to improve the shelter to make the daily room of everybody easier and more efficient.


Paulina Barrena
Assistance to Adoption Team, Switzerland

Animals, moreover Dogs have given me so much at a personal, spiritual/emotional level, that it is only natural to give back to them with all my love and gratitude, after all, we make a living by what we get, BUT we make a life by what we give ❤️
As Anatole France wrote, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”.

Frédérique Winter
Adoption Team, Switzerland
She is an artist in painting and digital art.

With her love and respect to all animals, by chance she hosts a variety of animals in her country house in Burgundy. She adopted Almira from the shelter and is happy to share the experience with other wonderful and caring adopters.

Priscilla Pescio
Photos/Video & Assistance to Alice, Romania

In 2019 I was lucky enough to bring three rescued dogs to Dog Rose Romania and it was as well the moment when a wonderful friendship has began! 

Since then, I’ve been going to the shelter whenever possible, helping Alice with whatever she needs and helping (unfortunately on a small scale) to collect donations! I have already seen various shelters in Romania and also helped as a volunteer before, but at this shelter the devotion and love that is given to the lost souls is really remarkable! The shelter is transparent, as a volunteer you are appreciated and everyone is honestly committed to the project.

Therefore, I am more than happy that I have met Alice and the “furry gang”! I stand a 100% behind this project/shelter and the people who work for the animals day and night!

The need to help my three little souls brought me to Dog Rose Romania in 2019! I will always be grateful for that!

Connie Klose
Adoption Team, Switzerland

She has always been an animal lover and already realized at an early age how wonderful and loyal animals are. Since then animals and pets became an important part of her life.
Now she has fulfilled her dream living in the Swiss mountains with 3 doggies and also founded a small sanctuary for farm animals with her partner.
She has adopted Musetel from our shelter. She is happy to share all her experiences she has gathered with all her rescue animals.

Anouk Eschler
Material donations

I grew up with dogs and always loved animals. When I met Noëlle and Tobi, I fast become part of Citydogs4Streetdogs-Team and every year I spend helping where I can. If helping at the charity event Animal Christmas, setting up Dog Rose or collect donations for humans and animals in Romania. You can always can count on my support.



Please find below our annual reports ready for download.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The transparency of how we use our funds is of importance to us and we are happy to utmost                 answer any questions you might have

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