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The adoption of an animal from a shelter you have never met before is a complex and at the same time a beautiful, noble matter. Together with you we will find the matching animal for your family which fits into your lifestyle. That is our priority for our animals. They deserve only the best!

To make sure you and your animal have a wonderful start together, we would love to guide you through the whole adoption process.

One of our team member who has got longstanding experience with stray animals from Romania is always next to you. 

We are providing you with helpful information, tips and tricks through our theory and practical training.

You get a lifelong support from our team. We are at your side before and after your family member has arrived.


Our costs are transparent and are transparently mentioned at the end of this page, there are no hidden costs. Our hearts beat for the well-being of our animals to create happy families ever after.

We call ourselves the match makers of animals and Humans 🙂




Personal Adoption in Romania

Adoptant picks dog up
CHF 550
  • CHF 300.- for Dog
  • variable travel cost
  • CHF 250.- for course

Adoption of an older dog

Dog is older then 7 years
CHF 550
  • CHF 75.- for Dog
  • CHF 400.- travel cost
  • CHF 75.- for course

Special price for volunteers

for volunteers of Citydogs4Streetdogs
CHF 650
  • CHF 125.- for Dog
  • CHF 400.- travel cost
  • CHF 125.- for course

Foster Home Price in Switzerland

dog is at foster home
CHF 650
  • CHF 300.- for Dog
  • CHF 100.- travel cost
  • CHF 250.- for course

Standard adoption fee

including livelong support
CHF 950
  • CHF 300.- for Dog
  • CHF 400.- travel cost
  • CHF 250.- for course


The purpose of the interview is to get to know each other and find out if the dog you have chosen is a good fit for you and if your living situation is suitable for a dog.

The reflection period is needed to reconsider all the information received and to be absolutely sure that you want a dog in your life for the next 10-15 years.

We want to offer our dogs the best possible conditions for a successful future. This includes first-class preparation in the shelter, health checks by veterinarians, serious planning of the journey to the new family and sustainable care even after successful adoption. All these things cost money, but increase the chances of a carefree dog’s life massively. We only charge you for the costs that we directly incur in connection with the preparation of the trip, the dog’s journey and the C4S courses. Any possible surplus will go directly to Romania and will directly benefit the friends of your adopted dog. Thus, with every adoption, you are again supporting our cause in Romania.

It is difficult to say how tall a puppy will grow, because in the mixed breed dog can always push through another breed. Basically you can say that Romanian street dogs generally reach a shoulder height between 40-55 cm. Taller is rather the exception. However, we can not give any guarantees.

Basically, when adopting a dog, you should be 100% sure and also ready to solve any problems with him. You now have a new family member. And this cannot be simply put off again. However, in emergency situations and very rare special cases, or if for some reason you no longer want the dog, our protection contract states that you can, and even must, return it to us. This gives us back control over the fate of our dogs if something has gone wrong in the adoption.

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By law, the dog must be secured in the car in such a way that it is not a danger to passengers. I.e. the dog must either be placed in a transport box or the trunk must be closed off by a grid. If the dog is to travel in the back seat, it must be secured with a special safety belt on the handle. The transport box in which the dog entered can be taken home for a maximum of 6 weeks against payment of a deposit.

We are happy to put you in touch with other adopters in your area. We also create regular adopter events where you can meet other adopters. Or you can visit our Facebook page: Citydogs4Streetdogs Exchange for volunteers, adopters and interested people.

If you and your partner both work 100%, it depends on different points for us: Do you work at the same time or do you work in shifts, etc.? A dog should never be home alone for more than 5 hours. And not regularly either. If you still want a dog, then you have to deal with the issue of “dog sitter” and the associated costs or be able to guarantee that you can take the dog to work with you (but always remember that your work situation can change).

Of course you can pick up the dog yourself at our shelter in Romania. The dog will then still cost CHF 550.-. The travel costs: Your flight, transport box, board and lodging in Romania as well as VAT will then be at your expense. We will be happy to help you with the organization of your trip and provide you with tips.

Yes, our training is an indispensable condition for the adoption to take place. Our experience has shown that even long-time dog owners benefit immensely from the course. The courses are a perfect preparation for the future relationship with your new dog. Romanian street dogs are extremely sensitive and intelligent dogs, which should be introduced to the new world with care and specific know-how at the beginning. With the advice you will receive from us in the course, the introduction phase will be massively facilitated and you will avoid possible misbehavior at the beginning of the relationship.

If you are younger than 25, we will do the process normally, but we want to have a guardian present at the interview and he/she must also sign the protection contract. Also, you should be aware that adoption is a very serious break (much like a child) in your still young life. A dog needs daily care. Vacations, free time and in general your everyday life will be massively influenced by the presence of a dog in your family. So please consider carefully whether you are up to the responsibility.

If you are over 65, we are happy to have you present a backup plan for the dog. Our concern is to know that the dog is taken care of should you no longer be able to care for your pet.

If you live in a shared apartment, you should be aware that this is a difficult form of cohabitation for a street dog: For the dog, too many different people in the household is not optimal. A dog needs a clear identification figure. Too many changes can unsettle the dog. Are you ready to face this challenge and if you are not afraid of the extra effort in dog training, we will be happy to explain to you how you can keep a happy dog in a shared household as well.

Our street dogs do not know the city as such and have respect for many urban things at the beginning. If you don’t mind the hassle of driving the dog to the nearest park, a smaller dog can be kept downtown with relatively little exercise. However, we strongly discourage larger dogs that require a lot of exercise. Please refer to the dog portraits on Adopt-a-Dog for each dog’s exercise profile.

If a family member or life partner does not agree with adopting a dog, then we cannot in good conscience agree to an adoption.