Carmen Stingelin's Testimonial



Carmen Stingelin

"Dog Rose team personalised the whole adoption process to our situation (I.e. a 4 year old female dog (not neutered at that time), flat, two full time jobs and frequent travelling (with dogs). Bea’s character was taken into account and a female puppy was recommended. We had a lot of video calls to see the puppy (Lizzy) in action and discuss details. We also got support and advice before and after the adoption. Caroline and Anna shared their contacts of the vet (for neutering surgery) and dog trainer. When we had follow up questions, Caroline and Anna were available to answer them on a short notice. Overall, we really enjoyed working with the Dog Rose team and would definitely recommend adopting from their shelter. It was important for us that the team is also selective with adopters and doesn’t just want to get their dogs adopted by anyone which sadly some shelters do. It is worth mentioning that when we first brought Lizzy to the vet in Switzerland, the vet acknowledge that Lizzy was in a great condition and healthy, which means the shelter took good care of her."